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Eerie green light in a nuclear power plant

‘It’s a nuclear reactor, man. You can’t just stick your head in there—you can only see the damage.  It’s like an ancient kiva. You can crawl into the building, but you can't crawl into Time itself. You can only see what’s left behind.'

Jason Williams


Over the last ten years, Jason Williams has pivoted from landscape photographer of the American South West to documentarian. Williams' iconic images portray the harsh beauty  from inside obsolete power stations and aging nuclear power plants.  

From humble beginnings in Heber Springs, Arkansas, Williams earned two Master's Degrees in Engineering and Business from Washington University and University of Kansas, KC. Now an established executive working in the fast-changing energy sector of The Americas, he designs pathways for business — from power generators to new energy-producing industries of the 21st Century.  

Upcoming Projects

Book Publication: "Left Behind"

Curated Photography for Sale and Exhibition


Spring, 2023       

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